Bringing eco-efficiency and digitalisation to maritime industry


ECOPRODIGI project increases eco-efficiency in the Baltic Sea region maritime sector by creating and piloting digital solutions in close cooperation between industry end-users and research organisations. Ultimately, ECOPRODIGI supports Baltic Sea region in becoming a front-runner in maritime industry digitalisation and clean shipping.

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12 hours ago
And that's it for our #ECOPRODIGI seminar! The project of course continues and we are excited to deliver more results in the future. For now, a big thank you for the seminar speakers, panellists and participants 🙂
12 hours ago
How do we get more public investments to flow towards sustainable maritime industry? Ilaria Barletta from @chalmersuniv suggests more efficient dissemination of industry results may be one of the solutions. People need to know what is and could be happening.
13 hours ago
We need to also take into account the ship building process, notes @UniTurku 's Kaapo Seppälä. The scope of #sustainability in #shipping needs to be wide enough to incorporate those early stages as well.