Navigating towards a sustainable future for maritime industry

November is often considered to be the darkest and gloomiest time of the year in the Baltic Sea region. The days are short and chilly, and the sun rarely makes…

Mapping the way to digital and eco-efficient maritime industry – ECOPRODIGI’s Future Foresights workshop in Klaipeda

This week, the first Future Foresights workshop organised by ECOPRODIGI gathered maritime sector stakeholders to Klaipeda, Lithuania. The objective of the workshop was bring those working in and with the…

A digital leap towards sustainable maritime economy – ECOPRODIGI at the BSSSC Annual Conference

ECOPRODIGI was delighted and honoured to take part in the Baltic Sea States Sub-regional Cooperation (BSSSC) Annual Conference 2019 which was organised in Klaipeda, Lithuania on 18-20 September. This year,…

Thoughts from the halfway point

ECOPRODIGI was officially launched in late autumn 2017 which means that the project is now over halfway through its implementation! Figuratively speaking, if the project was a marathon, we would…

Bridging the Baltic Sea through Cooperation

At this time and age, it is very difficult to achieve anything meaningful without international cooperation. It is just the way the world works now. This was very concretely and…

Simulating the benefits of digitalisation and eco-efficiency

The late co-founder and CEO of Apple Inc., Steve Jobs, has been quoted as saying “Technology is nothing. What's important is that you have a faith in people, that they're…

Our Response to Global Challenges through Common Goals

You might have just noticed how the past summer broke temperature records across the world, and subsequently evoked a heated discussion in the global media over climate change. Extreme weather…

Interview with Lars Jensen: “Shipping industry is not going to be disrupted”

During the time I’ve worked with ECOPRODIGI, it has become apparent that the maritime industry is not like other industries. There’s a lot of talk of “disruption” but somehow it…

“Shipyard industry is ready for digitalisation” – ECOPRODIGI experts’ takeaways from 3D scanning workshop

A group of 20 maritime and shipyard professionals gathered in Klaipeda on 21-22 August to discuss and test in practice the opportunities enabled by 3D scanning in digitalising shipyard processes.…

A digital boost to navigate the fourth industrial revolution – where shall the maritime industry start from?

ECOPRODIGI held its first Consortium meeting in Gothenburg on the 23 and 24 April 2018, hosted by Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden) and coordinated by the University of Turku (Finland).…

A view into the slowly-but-surely digitalising harbour

  “Change will never be this slow again” – proclaims a well-cited quotation referring to the digital transformation of our society. Recently a fellow EU-funded project DigiPort organised a workshop…

Disruptions ahead! ECOPRODIGI contributing to digitalisation of maritime industry

”There are disruptive elements in the air, and we all need to look beyond our own industries” – Sauli Eloranta, Rolls-Royce According to an old saying, it takes a whole…