EXOPRODIGI is an Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme -funded extension project which builds on the findings of and lessons learned in ECOPRODIGI project. The intention is to further improve the eco-efficient use of maritime industry resources with the help of digital tools and solutions which support decision making, create transparency, reduce working hours and decrease waste, emissions and energy consumption. Similarly to ECOPRODIGI, the aim in EXOPRODIGI is to enhance the institutional capacity of maritime industry end-users at various stages of vessel life-cycle; i.e. during voyages, stowage operations and at the assembly processes at shipyards. The partnership composition of EXOPRODIGI is based on the partnership of ECOPRODIGI. It includes companies, universities and other organisation working in and with the Baltic Sea region’s maritime industry.

Latest EXOPRODIGI news and updates


Efficient cargo stowage processes for the benefit of maritime supply chains

Cargo stowage can be described as the process of accommodating cargo into a transport unit or a vehicle so that it will arrive to the destination in a safe and…

Optimising production planning and processes at shipyards

Passenger, cargo and container ships, as well as tankers are complex and huge in size and so are their building processes. The process includes various working phases from the order…

EXOPRODIGI continues developing digital performance monitoring solutions to tackle inefficiencies in shipping

General discussions and measures to make shipping more environmentally friendly and cost-efficient tend to focus on designing and building new ships. At the same time, research on emissions from shipping…

EXOPRODIGI outputs and publications

EXOPRODIGI’s results will be published here. Stay tuned for updates!