On the 10th of June, EXOPRODIGI project partners organised the project’s first public event, a webinar titled “Navigating towards eco-efficiency – Best practices and inspiring examples in AI, 3D and process development”. The event focused on topics such as utilisation of 3D and AI solutions in maritime and automotive industries, process optimisation with the help of digital technologies, and collaboration between digital solution providers and industry end-users.

The speakers of the webinar included EXOPRODIGI partners who are currently testing and developing digital on-board tools for increased eco-efficiency, real-time engine monitoring and fault detection, digital data capture, integrated solutions and AI based decision support in cargo stowage processes, and virtual production facilities at shipyards. In addition, the audience of the webinar heard interesting keynote presentations focusing on ways to combine productivity, sustainability and safety with the help of digital solutions, as well as the the need for smart port development with the help of AI based solutions. Furthermore, the webinar provided interesting insight into what maritime industry learn from the automotive industry about virtual commissioning and the utilisation of 3D technologies in planning and arranging production facilities more efficiently.

We would like to thank all the participants of the webinar for their interest and we wish to extend an extra-special thank you to our fantastic moderator Matthew J. Spaniol (PostDoctoral Research Fellow, Aarhus University) as well as to our inspiring keynote speakers Stefan Lampa (President – Kalmar Mobile Solutions), Anssi Lappalainen (Senior Project Manager – Awake.AI) and Mika T Marttila (Lead Project Engineer, Robotics – Valmet Automotive) for their time and contribution.

You can now watch a recording of the webinar and download some of the presentations via the links below. The final public event of EXOPRODIGI will be organised on the 21st of September 2021 so save the date and stay tuned for updates!